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You Need An Apple Watch Screen Protector Before It’s Too Late

Mar 22, 2023

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How many times have you cracked a phone? If the answer is more than once, then you’ve probably begun to protect your phone with a good case. It makes sense: Phones are expensive and, because most people bring them everywhere with them, there are far too many opportunities to damage them.

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If you take such care with your iPhone or Airpods, why wouldn't you do it with your smartwatch? Whether you’ve got an older Apple Watch or a newer one, you need one of the best Apple Watch screen protectors to protect your investment. Some smartwatches can be just as expensive phones, and they’re even more regularly exposed to potential damage by being worn on your wrist.

If you don't yet have a case for one of your pricier purchases, read on to check out some of the best Apple Watch screen protectors below. Covering watches up through the Apple Watch Series 7, we’ve got plenty of hard case options that slip right over the watch face, as well as standalone sticker screen protectors to keep scratches off the glass. Plus, most of the brands featured below offer their products across all or most Apple Watch series and screen sizes, so no matter which one you like or which model you have, you’ll be able to find a screen protector for it.

Pick one up today because once that scratch or crack is there, it's too late to do anything about it.


For an excellent Apple Watch screen protector for Series 7 watches, go for the Baozai Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It offers another layer of tempered glass that fits right over the Apple Watch screen to protect it from scratches and dust and protect the watch's curved edges. This screen protector will undoubtedly survive a drop or two without breaking, but more importantly, even if it takes a big hit, your Apple Watch will come out unscathed.

Buy: Baozai Tempered Glass Screen Protector $8.99


The Smiling Tempered Glass Screen Protector Case was made with only the Apple Watch Series 7 in mind, and it works like a charm to protect it. It features tempered glass to protect the screen, and the rest of the case slides over the curved edges of the watch for a secure fit and extra protection without blocking the buttons. Pick this screen protector up in black or transparent for either the 45mm or 41mm Series 7 watch.

Buy: Smiling Tempered Glass Screen Protector Case $9.99


Maybe you don't wish to go the whole screen protector case route. If you’re only looking for a sticker to protect the screen, the LK Screen Protector pack will work just fine. With an included installation kit, smooth surface and self-healing capability to disappear minor scratches, this screen protector is one of the easiest ways to at least keep scratches off your Apple Watch face. Plus, you get multiple stickers in the packs below in case you live a hard life and can't manage to avoid scratching your screen up.

Because this Apple Watch screen protector is a protective sticker, it can't be one size fits all for obvious reasons. But the two links below will get you the right screen protector for 38 mm Series 1, 2 and 3 watches, 40 mm Series 4, 5, 6 and SE watches, 44 mm Series 5 watches, Series 6 SE watches and 45 mm Series 7 watches.

Buy: LK Screen Protector, 8 Pack, Series 5, 6, 7 $9.99

Buy: LK Screen Protector, 6 Pack, Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 SE $9.99


Compatible with 40 mm Series 4, 5, 6, and SE watches and the same watches in 44 mm, the Misxi Hard Case Screen Protector will keep those older devices safely ticking along for as long as Apple continues to support them. Just snap the tempered glass case over your watch, and voila, you’re ready to rock and roll. Pick this screen protector up in black, transparent, blue, rose gold or silver.

Buy: Misxi Hard Case Screen Protector $10.99


Let's face it: Any one of these could be the best Apple Watch screen protectors as long as they’re used properly. That's why it never hurts to go with a well-reviewed option like the Hatoshi Hard Case Glass Screen Protector, which boasts 81% five-star reviews on over 1,000 ratings and an overall 4.6/5 star rating. And users’ reasons are simple: The screen protector is easy to use and does what it says it does without compromising the look or usability of the watch. If you’ve got a 40mm Series 4, 5, 6 or SE model, this will be the best Apple Watch screen protector for you, and it's available in blue, black and transparent.

Buy: Hatoshi Hard Case Glass Screen Protector $7.99


If you like the idea of changing up the look of your Apple Watch, the Raamax Hard Case Screen Protector will be the way to go. Depending on the width of your Apple Watch Series SE, 4, 5, or 6, you can choose from among six different case variety packs, each containing four different tempered glass cases that slip right over the watch.

We like the pack with black, silver, rose gold and midnight blue, but it's not the only good one. Another one features a black with rose gold case, one with white and rose gold, one with black and silver and another with white and silver for four ultra-sleek looks.

Buy: Raamax Hard Case Screen Protector $10.99

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